My Missing Teeth Are my missing teeth a problem?

Are my missing teeth a problem?

Do I need dental treatment?

Missing teeth affect people in different ways. It’s up to you to decide whether your missing teeth are causing you any problems, and whether you would like dental treatment to change anything. It’s fine if you do not want any treatment and would prefer to keep your teeth as they are naturally.

Are there problems associated with missing teeth?

Research has shown that people with missing teeth might have other problems with their teeth, too. Your dental team will be able to tell you if they find anything else important while they are checking your teeth. This might include:

Small teeth or teeth that are more pointed

Teeth that get stuck in the jaws (impacted teeth)

Teeth that grow in the wrong place (ectopic teeth and transposed teeth)

Teeth that have not formed properly and have weak enamel (hypoplastic or hypomineralised teeth)

Extra teeth in other parts of the mouth

Some people with missing teeth decide they would like dental treatment because their teeth are causing other types of problems:

What if my teeth aren't causing me any problems?

Missing teeth do not often cause any problems with dental health. Some people do not even realise they have missing teeth until they are told by a dentist. It can actually be easier to keep the teeth clean if there are spaces.

If you are not having any problems from your missing teeth, you might not need to have any treatment from the dentist at this time. However, it might be helpful to talk to your dentist about:

How your teeth might change in the future

What to do if you ever change your mind about treatment