My Missing Teeth Our sources of information

Our sources of information

The website has been made by young peoplewho have missing teeth and dentists. Click here for more information about how the website was made.We have included notes throughout the website about where our information comes from. This includes:


The dental team's experience

Other people's opinion about missing teeth and dental treatment


Research can be used to find out how well the different dental treatments work; people’s experience of having missing teeth; and people’s experience of having dental treatment. There are four main types of dental research:

The dental team's experience

For some treatments there has not been any research yet, or the research does not tell us everything we need to know.

In this case, information is based on the dental team’s experience of looking after people with missing teeth. Different dental teams might have different experiences, so the information might not always be the same.

Other people's opinion

Sometimes other people share their opinion about missing teeth and dental treatment on social media. This can be helpful to understand how other people feel. This information is based on their opinions. Your experiences and views might be different.

What information can be trusted?

Telling you where our information has comefrom will help you decide if it can be trusted.

You can trust information if it is:

Valid – this means it is truthful

Reliable – this means the information is based on facts

Unbiased – this means it is presented in a fair and balanced way

Transparent – this means it you know where facts have come from