My Missing Teeth Which treatment is right for me?

Which treatment is right for me?

This page will help you think about whether you would like dental treatment at this time. It is up to you and your family, but the dental team are here to help you decide.

The dental team can talk to you about all your options, including the option to have no treatment. They will help you decide by giving you facts about different dental treatment options. There is no right or wrong treatment. The ‘best’ treatment will depend on your teeth, and what you want to change.

When you talk to the dental team, they will ask you for your experiences of living with missing teeth and dental treatments. By talking about your views, you will find out which treatment fits best into your life.

It is important that you are part of these conversations, because you are an expert. You know how much your missing teeth bother you, and what you want dental treatment to change. You also know what is most important to you. Your family and friends can help you to think about this, too. Don’t worry about saying what it feels like for you: the dental team want to know your views.